Top Ways to Reduce Everyday Knee, Hip and Neck Joint Pain

Joint pain, in its various forms, is said to be responsible for causing discomfort to a staggering 10 million people in the UK, according to the NHS. It’s something that many of us have become accustomed to as we go through our everyday lives. However, there are ways to overcome these feelings of uneasiness. Whether your pain is in the neck, knee or hip, discover the best ways to reduce these pains with HSL. In this guide, we’ll run through how to stop neck, knee and hip pain, and share our expert advice on the best types of furniture to keep your homelife pain-free. However, please note, for any on-going aches and pains, please consult with a doctor.

How to stop neck pain

How to stop knee pain

How to stop hip pain

Finding the right furniture for your home

The overall solution for neck, knee or hip pain

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