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Answers to HSL’s Weekly Quiz – 8th December 2020

Ready for the answers…?


  1. Who wrote the classic novel, ‘Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus’?

Mary Shelley


  1. What is Elton John’s real name?

Reginald Kenneth Dwight


  1. Which event on 7th December 1941 lead to America entering World War II?

The bombing at Pearl Harbour


  1. How many times was Elizabeth Taylor married?

8 times; twice to Richard Burton


  1. What is ‘arachnology’ the study of?



  1. What is the capital of Belarus?



  1. What is the collective noun for ravens?

An unkindness, but also sometimes a conspiracy, a treachery or simply, a flock


  1. Do penguins live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere?

The South


  1. What date was St. George’s Day celebrated in 2020?

23rd April


  1. What food is tahini made from?

Sesame seeds


  1. Which band had an album called ‘Dark Side of the Moon’?

Pink Floyd


  1. In what year was the first iPhone released?



  1. What element is ‘Co’ in the periodic table?



  1. In which athletics event did Jess Ennis Hill win gold at London 2012?

The heptathlon


  1. In rugby union, how many players are there on each team?



  1. In the zodiac, which animal is associated with Taurus?

A bull


  1. Which day of the week are British elections always held on?



  1. In which century was 1460?

15th century


  1. How many megabytes are in a gigabyte?



  1. What is a baby kangaroo called?

A joey


In Roald Dahl’s ‘The BFG’, what is the name of the little girl that the BFG takes from the orphanage?


We would LOVE to hear if you got them right, so please share your results with us on Facebook and Instagram – let us know if you did it with a friend and tag them too!

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