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Answers to HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 14th June 2021

Ready for the answers?


  1. Where is the G7 summit being held this year?

Carbis Bay, Cornwall


  1. What is the full name for the chemical, Ca?



  1. Atlanta’s basketball team are named after which bird?



  1. How many of Henry VIII’s wives were called Catherine (all spellings counted!)?

Three (Catherine of Aragon, Catherine Howard and Katherine Parr)


  1. What is the currency of Russia?



  1. In a game of cards, what would win, a straight flush or a royal flush?

Royal flush


  1. Which famous American actor is also Angelina Jolie’s father?

Jon Voight


  1. Who won the first series of ITV’s programme, ‘The Masked Singer’?

Nicola Roberts


  1. Who is the narrator in Charles Dickens’ novel, ‘Great Expectations’?

Pip or Philip Pirrip


  1. What did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle call their new-born daughter?

Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor


  1. The film, ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’, is about the riots in America in 1968 protesting what?

The Vietnam War


  1. Who is the new host of the TV programme reboot, ‘Changing Rooms’?

Anna Richardson 


  1. What does NASA stand for?

National Aeronautics and Space Administration


  1. Do vinyl records traditionally play from the inside out or the outside in?

Outside in


  1. Jazz, Gala and Cox are all types of which fruit?



  1. Which mainland country is closest to Madagascar?



  1. Who is the author of the classic literary novel, ‘Moby-Dick; or, The Whale’?

Herman Melville


  1. What type of bird is the film, ‘Happy Feet’, about?



  1. Which three sports form a triathlon?

Swimming, cycling and running


  1. Who was the first football player to score 100 Premier League goals?

Alan Shearer


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