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Answers to HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 21st June 2021

Ready for the answers?


  1. What fruit comes in Red Chief and Earliglow varieties?



  1. Which Olympic sport has a finishing line that isn’t crossed?



  1. When was the famous German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, born?



  1. What is the highest capital city in the world in terms of elevation?

La Paz, Bolivia


  1. Who created the TV show, ‘The Simpsons’?

Matt Groening


  1. What is the fictional sport played in the Harry Potter novels and films?



  1. What is the word for cat in Spanish?

Gata (feminine), gato (masculine)


  1. At which UK horse racecourse did jockey, Frankie Dettori, win all seven races in 1996?



  1. Who was the former U.S. President, Donald J. Trump’s, Vice President from 2017 – 2021?

Mike Pence


  1. The sport of polo can be played left-handed. True or false?



  1. Which international tennis pro was golfer, Rory McIlroy, engaged to in 2014?

Caroline Wozniacki


  1. What stage name does English singer and actor, Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE, go by?



  1. What does PS stand for at the bottom of a letter?



  1. What is the largest asteroid called?



  1. Which originally British chocolate bar consists of two fingers of shortbread-like biscuit covered with chocolate and caramel?



  1. Which continent is the Sahara Desert on?



  1. What nationality is the actor, Orlando Bloom?



  1. Who is the author of the novel, ‘A Clockwork Orange’?

Anthony Burgess


  1. Which planet is the sixth from the sun?



  1. What is the smallest bone in the human body called?

The stapes (found in the ear)


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