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Answers to HSL’s Weekly Quiz- 4th April 2022

Ready for the answers?


  1. Before Tokyo, which city was the capital of Japan?



  1. Collectively, a group of crows is known as what?



  1. Which legendary Australian cricketer recently passed away at the age of 52?

Shane Warne


  1. Which variety of apple is also a popular genre of music?



  1. Which city was awarded the UK Culture Capital in 2021?



  1. In 2006, YouTube was bought by which tech giant for $1.6bn?



  1. A nutrient that helps grow and maintain muscle mass is called what?



  1. Which actor starred in the films, ‘Interstellar’, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and ‘A Time To Kill’?

Matthew McConaughey


  1. What bird is the smallest in the world, weighing only 1.6 grams?



  1. Which ancient empire was famously fought off by a vastly outnumbered group of Spartan soldiers?

Persian Empire


  1. How many hours ahead is New Zealand, compared to the UK’s GMT timezone?



  1. Since 2003, what has been the standard voltage for UK plug sockets?



  1. A series of video games that feature a moustached, Italian plumber is known as what?



  1. In the TV series, ‘Game of Thrones’, which iconic feature was made from hundreds of swords?



  1. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are grapes commonly used to make which variety of wine?



  1. In 2015, an advert showing thousands of colourful bouncing balls was promoting what product?

A TV (Sony Bravia to be specific!)


  1. What country north of Australia is part of the Commonwealth?

Papua New Guinea


  1. The periodic symbol, Hg, represents which element?



  1. Ragdoll, Korat and Balinese are all names for what animal?



  1. What does the ‘A’ in LASER stand for?



We would LOVE to hear if you got them right, so please share your results with us on Facebook and Instagram – let us know if you did it with a friend and tag them too.

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