Seven Fun Hobbies to Do at Home From Your Chair or Sofa

For your health and wellbeing, we’d encourage you to get outside and exercise as much as possible – but sometimes, there’s nothing better than spending some time relaxing at home. While it’s tempting to sit in a riser recliner, armchair or sofa and watch TV, studies show that excessive amounts of screen watching isn’t good for our health. Instead, why not put this time to better use and engage your mind by starting a hobby? Whether you’re trying to learn a new skill or rekindle your love for a previous pastime, we’ve rounded up seven fun hobbies to do at home from the comfort of your chair or sofa.

1. Express yourself with painting, colouring or drawing

2. Enhance your brain power with puzzles

3. Be immersed in different worlds with reading

4. Get into a groove with music

5. Find enjoyment in knitting

6. Stay active with exercise

7. Get creative with model making

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