Riser Recliners

Our selection of Riser Recliner chairs, handcrafted with CleverComfort™, includes single and dual-motor designs that work with the touch of a button. These luxury leather and fabric chairs recline into a relaxing position to support your legs and spine, and when you are ready to stand, the chair will gently lift to help you to your feet, ideal if you struggle to get in and out of your seat. Combining modern stylish design with all the benefits of a mobility chair, our electric riser recliners are made to complement your living room, support your posture and allow you to rest better at all times, whether sitting or napping.

Comfort Guides for Riser Recliners

Using the 7-Point Seating Assessment™, devised with our Independent Occupational Therapist, Julie Jennings, our riser recliner armchairs provide optimal neck and lumbar support, relieving pressure points and discouraging poor posture. The ultimate blend of comfort, style, luxury and support. Our CleverComfort™ designed Riser Recliners have won both Which? Best Buys and Good Housekeeping Awards, so you can be certain that you are getting the absolute highest quality chairs. Find out more in our complete Riser Recliner comfort guide.

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