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HSL’s Top Summer Interior Trends

Now that we are saying goodbye to spring and summer is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your home a little lift to help get you into the summery spirit.

This season’s interior design trends are all about bringing the outdoors in and livening up your living space. HSL specialises in comfort furniture for the over 50s and places a huge importance on ensuring your furniture not only suits your lifestyle, but adds effortless style to your home. HSL’s in-house trend expert, Leanne Dixon, has identified the five best trends to easily incorporate into your own home this summer: from simple and neutral colour palettes to more daring, vibrant floral prints.


Wolseley Denim

Floral patterns are a classic summer interior trend and are easy to implement in the home. A few floral statement pieces are ideal for any neutral living room and are a perfect way to update any space you may feel is lacking in personality.

Bringing the outside in with tropical shades is key. Don’t be afraid to go bold with colour and pattern, just be sure not to overdo it with block painted walls and clashing colours! Try HSL’s brand new Wolseley Denim fabric to execute the look to perfection.


Elba Floral Celadon

This year, green is making a huge come back. We are not talking about the avocado-themed bathroom suites of the 80s but subtle shades: hints of teal, olive and moss that can transform a room in an instant.

For summer, the emphasis is on evergreen and tropical tones. Introducing green into your living space will refresh and relax both you and your guests and is extremely easy to maintain, which is especially useful if you have young children visiting often. Think about accessorising with some cushions, picture frames or a throw and give your space an instant summer makeover.

A perfect match for this trend is HSL’s Elba Floral Celadon.


Monance Charbon

Monochromatic designs are endlessly chic and easy to implement into any style of home. It was extremely popular in the autumn/winter months, so if you were style savvy enough to invest in this trend last season, you’re in luck, as this one is here to stay for the summer!

Try contrasting black and white in your living room for a Parisian feel, experimenting with different textures to add depth. To create a stylish edge, bring metallic into the mix with accents of gold, whether it be in the form of embroidery or even buttons or clasps.

If you’re not feeling overly daring, you can introduce different monochromatic shades in the form of light and dark greys. These work really well with black or white and create a universally appealing, sophisticated feel, especially in a family home. We recommend HSL’s Monance Charbon pattern to execute the trend perfectly in a living room.

Tones of the desert

Boucle Rose

Nothing screams summer more than a desert themed colour palette. The tones of the desert trend encompasses shades of yellow, ochre and burnt orange: think of the souks of Marrakech teamed with the soft dunes of the Sahara.

The aim of this trend is to create a vibrant Eastern feel to the home, which is perfect for both kitchens and living rooms. It’s easy to recreate and there is a huge variety of items available on the high street that are perfect for adding warmth and richness.

If you don’t fancy repainting your walls, why not add a new range of slouchy orange cushions, beanbags or textured throws to your sofa. Exotic indoor plants in a variety of terracotta pots can also add an instant touch of the Middle-East to your living space. Try HSL’s Rose Boucle fabric to bring a touch of the desert to your home.


Conway Wedgwood Floral

Pastel is, and always has been, a very popular hue for the spring/summer season. The dusky shades are a great way to soften your living area. To keep it super stylish, team the pale shades with grey and white.

The pastel trend can be incorporated into any room. It adds a retro appeal to kitchens and appliances, and a light, airy feel to bedrooms, living and dining areas. The beauty of pastel is its understated beauty. Don’t be tempted to overdo it with fussy patterns!

For bedrooms, try introducing a statement wall in a dusky pink or lilac and accessorizing with luxurious bedding and whitewashed wooden furniture. Accessories such as candles and photo frames in a pastel colour will also bring out the chic modern nature of the trend. HSL’s Conway Wedgwood Floral fabric is a gorgeous example of this season’s pastel trend.

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