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Alternative Flavours for Your Victoria Sponge

Are there any cakes more simple and delicious than the Victoria sponge? Also known as a Victoria sandwich cake, this was a favourite of Queen Victoria who regularly ate a slice with her afternoon cup of tea. In fact, the cake was named after this famous royal.

Whilst we know that this classic recipe is, well, just that – a classic, we wanted to share some ideas of how you can bring in different flavours with a few simple changes. Perhaps you can try some of these in your afternoon tea Jubilee celebrations?

Indulgent buttercream

This might already be something you make on a regular basis, but for anyone who usually uses whipped cream in their Victoria sponge, you may want to give buttercream a go. The Royal Household recently shared their go-to recipe and they use buttercream too! It’s also easier to store because you only need a sealed container rather than the fridge.

Eton Mess twist

Another classic and simple English dessert is the delightful Eton Mess. Combine these two British sweet treats by adding some crushed meringue and chopped strawberries to the whipped cream filling. Adding a few strawberries on top would be a lovely way to finish it off, too!

Lemon zing

Lemon Zing

A lemon drizzle is a wonderful idea for an afternoon tea party, but if you’re out of lemons, then have a dig into the back of the cupboard and find your forgotten lemon curd instead! Swap out your jam between layers for the lemon curd and enjoy the citrus flavour on a nice summer afternoon.

Scones meet sponge

You’ll probably already have scones on your afternoon tea, but another way of using up your extra decadent clotted cream is to sandwich your layers with that instead of whipped cream or buttercream. Make sure you use plenty of fruity jam too – but perhaps you need to check on whether your allegiances lie in Devon or Cornwall before you decide which is added first…

Coffee cohesion

Coffee Cohesion

We all know that afternoon tea is usually served with a nice cuppa, but why not bring in the taste of your favourite pick-me-up caffeine hit too? Sandwich the layers with a coffee buttercream by mixing some instant coffee granules with a little boiling water. Allow to cool and then add to the usual ingredients. You know what else is delicious with coffee? Walnuts! We’d recommend adding a few of those between layers too.

Chocolate lovers

Chocolate Lovers

Now, this is a little bit of a cheat, as we’re beginning to change the intrinsic colour and taste of the sponge itself, but for anyone who wants to make a simple chocolate twist on the Victoria sponge, you can supplement some of the flour for cocoa powder (no more than ¼ of it). You can certainly keep everything else the same though because jam, whipped cream and chocolate is a wonderful combination!

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