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Are You Making the Most of the Great British Outdoors?

Time spent outdoors has many health benefits; from improving overall wellbeing, to giving you a much-needed boost of Vitamin D.

Unfortunately, according to research we conducted with 1,035 UK residents, more than a quarter (26%) of people aged over 60 spend less than four hours outside each week – that works out as fewer than nine days a year!

To help inspire you to make the most of the great outdoors, here are some activities you can enjoy in the fresh air:


Volunteering is a great way to make the most of your spare time and meet new people whilst helping others in your local area. This could include helping at a charity fair, volunteering at a National Trust site, or at a conservation site. When you’re willing to help, there’s always plenty to do.

Find out about local volunteering opportunities here.


Cycling is a fantastic way to boost your cardiovascular health and improve your stamina, whatever your age. There are hundreds of cycle paths throughout the UK for different cycling abilities, so chances are there will be one near you. Don’t forget your helmet!

Find traffic-free cycling routes across the UK here.

Go to the beach

There are so many amazingly beautiful coastlines around the UK – many that rival those abroad. These locations can certainly be a great way of getting us out and enjoying some fresh sea air. This is something that can be enjoyed alone, perhaps giving much needed “you time”. Equally, you could take the whole family along, pack a picnic and make a full day of it.

Find a list of the best UK beaches here.


Gather up a few friends and make the most of the numerous free tennis courts across the UK. Tennis is a fun way to socialise and you can exercise at your own pace with an equally-matched tennis partner.

Find a tennis court near you here.

Take a walk in the countryside

If you are keen to explore somewhere new, taking a walk in the countryside could be the perfect option. It’s a great, free way of spending some quality time with the family. If the weather is fine – fantastic! What a lovely way to enjoy the sunshine. If the weather is cold – no problem; get on your woolly hat, comfy gloves and wrap up warm. Even the rain can be combatted – welly boots, raincoat and an umbrella. The British countryside awaits.

Find National Trust walking sites here.

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