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The importance of good seated posture cannot be overestimated. Over time, poor posture can lead to life-style issues such as respiratory problems. Slumped posture, where the head and shoulders are in a forward position can cause the muscles around the chest to tighten, therefore restricting the expansion of the rib cage.

Designed with CleverComfort™, HSL’s range of chairs and sofas are ergonomically designed to ensure key areas of your body are fully supported to improve your overall posture and wellbeing.


All of our chairs, sofas and beds are designed to help you maintain good posture when sitting or sleeping. If you have bad posture when sitting, your shoulders might end up slumped forward. This will mean the weight of the head (which is a heavy part of the body) and shoulders press down on the cavity in the chest (which contains the heart, lungs and breathing muscles).

The pressure on the breathing muscles can cause them to cramp and impair the upward movement of the diaphragm. Breathing then requires more energy, is shallower and is less efficient. Shallow breathing can cause a stagnation of some of the air in the lungs exposing you to lung infections. A forward “slumped head” will also restrict your breathing by restricting the flow of air into the lungs.

Having correctly positioned armrests also assists in you maintaining good posture; they should support your forearms and wrists comfortably without causing “dragging” or “lifting” of the shoulders. If arm rests are too high or low, breathing difficulties may occur because of the pressure it puts on the shoulders and neck. These positions also increase the pressure within the chest cavity, contributing to difficulties with breathing.

Having a good flow of air (oxygen) into and around the body aids all the vital internal organs including the brain, so good breathing means better circulation and more mental alertness and physical wellbeing.

An adjustable bed could also help you with your breathing; some people find that back elevation helps relieve respiratory conditions in bed. By raising the head section slightly when you sleep, it reduces pressure from the neck and shoulders, which then links to the points made above about the complications of pressure on breathing muscles.

An adjustable bed can relieve the symptoms of many breathing conditions. Sleeping flat on the back can be harmful to the health of someone who struggles with breathing issues. A flat back creates a natural oxygen restriction that can affect the health of several internal organs. Even if the breathing issue is just allergy related or a bad case of sinusitis, an adjustable bed can provide the needed relief because it keeps airways open and allows for gravity to drain out the congested areas when needed.

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