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Creating a Focal Point

When you start to design your living room, you might have an absolute barrage of ideas that all flow through you at once: the amazing rooms you’ve seen on Pinterest, the inspiration you’ve discovered when visiting friends and the many living rooms you’ve watched on TV.

You might need to take a moment and choose one or two focal points – something that adds your own personality to the room. In this article we’ll walk you through the many features you could consider, and show how beautiful fabric recliner chairs and suites can pull a space together.

Recliner chairs are not only a great look for the room, but if you use the right one, also come with multiple health and wellbeing benefits. They are proven to help with your posture, breathing and circulation to name just a few. You can learn more about recliner chairs by reading our buying guide.

Create a statement wall

Over the last few years, a design that has proven very popular has been the statement wall. Put simply, this means picking a wall and using either a bold coloured paint or a striking wall paper design to decorate.

It is a great way of injecting a little personality into a room without going over the top. Another great perk is that should you get fed up of the colour, it’s a lot less to have to redecorate!

When using a bold colour, you can really bring the whole room together by choosing a complementary fabric recliner chair. The living room pictured, featuring our Ripley Power Recliners, has chosen a stunning dark blue feature wall – it’s especially effective broken up by the large bay window.

Statement Wall With Fabric Recliner Chairs
The Ripley Power Recliners in Bramante Indigo and Volante Indigo.
Living Room Suite With Recliner And Feature Fireplace
The Burrows Relax 3 seater sofa, shown in Bennington Plum. Recliner chair and ottoman in Volante Ruby.

Highlight your fireplace

Historically a fireplace was an area that people would have gathered around – it generally brought in the only source of warmth to the room. These days whilst it might not be quite so crucial from a heating perspective, they are still immensely popular for the aesthetics of a room.

You can make it a real feature by hanging a mirror or striking artwork above it. Strategically place your suite with matching fabric recliner to create a stunning seating area. The Burrows Relax Collection above in bold colours and patterns has a fabulous modern feel; contrasting beautifully with the gloriously traditional fireplace and chandelier.

Draw attention to a window for a bright aesthetic

A firm favourite aspect to consider when decorating is the lighting in a room. This is especially important when dealing with natural lighting from windows. Look at where the light comes in – it can really make the space come to life.

A window can be a feature all by itself – it doesn’t necessarily need a lot of dressing, and you don’t want to clutter it up too much and take away from its natural beauty. What you do use could be an exploration of natural tones – plants and lighter colours.

Our Aysgarth 2 Seater Sofa with matching Recliner Chair is beautifully set off in this room with lighter colours around, and an eye-catching complementary mix and match suite.

Big Window With Living Room Suite And Recliner Chair Aysgarth
The Aysgarth 2-Seater Sofa, shown in Boucle Wine and Power Recliner in Wolseley Red.
Beautiful Shelves And Frames On Living Room Wall Carnaby Sofa
The Carnaby 3 Seater Sofa, shown in Serrin Stone

Play around with shelves and hanging frames

Having shelves can be both a blessing and a curse – it’s very easy to get a bit enthusiastic and put all sorts of things up there and can get to the point of being overly cluttered and messy. However, shelves and frames used carefully can be a really stunning room feature – injecting your own personality into the space.

You’ve got a couple of options when it comes to adding the furniture. You could choose a minimalist approach – as pictured in this Carnaby sofa – the design, colour, shelves and frames are a wonderful mix of retro with modern, and the neutral colour of the Serrin Stone fabric sofa will ensure it will never go out of style.

Alternatively if you want your room to have a real “wow” look you could go a bit bolder. These beautiful ceiling high built-in shelves ooze the owner’s interests; arranged with quirky ornaments, plants and old books. This is all set off beautifully with the eye-catching Burrows Classic 2.5 Seater Sofa. The dog, of course, is optional!

Whilst these pictured examples don’t feature fabric recliner chairs, it can be just as beautiful a room setting if you choose to use them – experiment for yourself.

Red Sofa Ceiling High Shelves Dog Burrows
The Burrows Classic 2.5 Seater Sofa in Lucerne Madder, Ottoman in Woburn Madder
Cushions And Throws In Light Blush Pink With Fireside Chair And Recliners
The Burrows Relax Power Recliner 2 Seater Sofa and Power Recliner Armchair, shown in Helliar Grey with a Glenmore Button Back Fireside Chair in Blake Blush.

Indulge in cushions and throws

Who says the eye-catching element of a room needs to be what’s around the walls? You can bring just as much class and character to your room by carefully choosing the right cushions and throws to accessorise your beautiful furniture.

Create a furniture focal point by having a neutral suite, complemented by the right colours – in our Burrows Collection pictured, the owner has used a gorgeous statement dark blue paint and chosen a light grey matching 2 Seater Sofa and recliner.

The real “wow” moment comes from adding the blush pink Glenmore Fireside Chair, and choosing the same tone in cushion and throw – bringing the room together in a subtle yet very effective way.

An eye-catching rug

One final nugget of wisdom that might resonate when decorating your room is to create a focal point on the floor – using a beautiful rug. This is not only practical; helping with holding in heat and nice and soft to walk on, but can also help bring a bold colour into your room.

Plush fur, sleek patterns or rich, vibrant colours will ensure your rug is the ideal piece around which to build your focal point. The Penrith Collection pictured in Barra Russet contrasts beautifully with the bold printed rug of the floor – bringing the whole room together in wonderful harmony.

Statement Rug With Penrith Suite Living Room World Map Frame
The Penrith 2 Seater Sofa and Recliner Armchairs, shown in Barra Russet.

Whatever you decide to focus on when decorating your room, the most important thing to remember is that you’re doing it for you – it’s your space to live in and enjoy.

Have we piqued your interest? If so, discover more beautiful fabric recliner chairs at HSL, today.

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