Make Your Own Welly Boot Planter

When it’s time for the grandkids to pop over, there are lots of activities you could do together. Whether it’s drawing, playing a board game or baking, spending those precious moments one on one with them is what matters most. If your grandchildren love getting their hands dirty and you’d like to encourage a bit of fresh air into their lungs, then why not try out making your very own welly boot planter? Here, we’ll share our simple how-to guide on creating these garden show-stoppers.


What you’ll need

  • Old wellies or other boots no longer used
  • Compost
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Seeds or potting plants



Step 1

Get a pair of old wellies or boots – make sure they’re nice and holey and not suitable for passing on to the charity shop or family members. The prettier and/or patterned, the better.

Step 2

There might already be a few holes, but get a few more in there by using your screwdriver or drill to put drainage holes in the bases.

Step 3

Fill the boots with compost – with enough space to add your plants/seeds.

Step 4

Add your seeds, seedlings or potting plants, and tuck extra compost around the top.

Step 5

Give them a good watering and place in a sunny spot. Each time your grandchild visits, you can show them the progress their plant is making.

Step 6

If you don’t have a large garden, you could also use the welly planter at your front door, or even on a tray on the window sill to add a bit of character. Don’t forget to share a photo with us on our Facebook page, or email:

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