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Make Your Own Seasonal Wreath

A wreath on your front door or above the fireplace is a beautiful and classic accompaniment to your home décor. If you usually buy your seasonal wreath, then perhaps this year can be a chance to make your own instead. We sat down with wreath-making expert Pippa Ferguson, from Pippa Designs, who shared with us a handy tutorial for making a beautiful wreath using nature’s beauty. With minimal tools required, your front door decoration could be closer than you think!



  • Copper wreath ring (from a florist or garden centre) or pliable twigs twisted into a circle (such as elder or willow)
  • Garden wire
  • Secateurs or strong scissors
  • Glue gun or very strong craft glue
  • A strip of pretty fabric or ribbon



Anything you can find in the hedgerow or garden like:

  • Plants going to seed
  • Ivy
  • Twigs covered in lichen
  • Berries
  • Fir/pine cones
  • Feathers
  • Honesty
  • Nigella pods
  • Poppy heads



Step 1

Loop your flexy ivy around your ring or ringed twigs, keep going until you’ve covered the base. Pull it through so that it looks natural, but forms a stable base. Keep adding more of your foliage (ivy, lichen and honesty) to the frame, layering and overlapping it until you reach your desired aesthetic.

Step 2

Prepare your pine cones and seed pods by wrapping or piercing the base with wire, leaving enough wire at the end to attach to your wreath – better too much than not enough, you can always cut any loose ends afterwards.

Step 3

Start adding your other decorations. Loop the wire trail on your pine cones and seed pods under the foliage so that you can’t see the wire. Use the glue gun or strong craft glue to attach the berries and feathers. You could try laying it out first to see where you like it before attaching it permanently. But don’t worry, nature isn’t perfectly symmetrical, so a bit of mismatch is always lovely.

Step 4

Leave the wreath to settle and the glue to dry. Once it feels secure, wrap the strip of fabric or ribbon around the top, tie and then hang in your chosen location.

Step 5

Most of the decorations used should last a few weeks at least. If the berries dry up, they may fall off, and this gives you the chance to revamp it a little and glue on some new berries or plants you find on an afternoon walk.


Tip: If you only use fresh plants, you can keep this outside or spray lightly with water occasionally. If you use dried items, they’re best kept inside.

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