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The Top 5 Books to Read Now the Summer Has Come to Its End

The children/grandchildren are all now back at school which means that summer has all but come to an end. Therefore the perfect way to reclaim your new found freedom and have some me-time is to get lost in some literature. Whether it’s a well deserved break on holiday, sitting by the pool or simply relaxing in a chair, here are five of the best page-turners for you to have a look at!

1 – 14th Deadly Sin (James Patterson)

James Patterson is back at his best in this nonstop thriller with one of the best co-authors, Maxine Paetro. You need not fear if you haven’t read Patterson’s previous work because this can be read as a one off. If you’re a fan though, then you will probably be familiar with the characters. It’s got many subplots and more twists and turns that the Spaghetti junction but the murders are all somehow related. Well, most of them. Okay the body count is massive and it is farfetched but it’s paced, terrific and though provoking.

2 – Time of their lives (Maeve Haran)

Maeve Haran wrote a book twenty years ago which you may have heard of. “Having it all” struck a nerve with working mums and was an overnight success and an instant best seller. Two decades on, she is doing exactly the same thing with “The time of their lives” for the over 60’s. This is a tale about how a generation of women who aren’t prepared to become invisible without a fight. A feisty, funny read that you won’t want to put down.

3 – Leaving Berlin – Joseph Kanon

A once global city of trade in ruins, the people divided, half starved and terrified on what’s round the corner.  The Soviets, British and Americans all fight for control of the former Nazi capital when a young Jewish writer is coerced by the US into going back as a secret agent after fleeing already fleeing the Holocaust. A gritty, eye opening experience of what life was like in WW2.

4 – The Shepherd’s crown – Terry Pratchett

Commonly noted as one of the best fantasy writers of all time, Terry Pratchett finishes The Discworld Series in an extraordinary fashion. There is a storm brewing, the owls and foxes can feel it. A shift of power is taking place as an old enemy is gathering strength. This is a time for endings and beginnings and Tiffany is the only one that stands between good and evil, right and wrong, the dark and the light. This book is definitely worth reading twice in quick succession!

5 – 1984 – George Orwell

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past”. The date is 1984 in George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece. Often claimed to be one of the most prominent figures in twentieth century literature, George Orwell opens us up to the realities of big brother and the nanny state. The past is changed to fuel a political agenda by Winston Smith but he is the very one that rebels against the totalitarian regime that requires ultimate obedience. In a persuit for liberty, Smith has an affair with a work colleague only later to find out the true meaning of betrayel. A must read classic.

Whether it is the magical and mystical work of Terry Pratchett in the discworld series or the totalitarian, big brother regime of 1984, there is a book that you can be immersed in and escape reality for an hour or two. Be sure to relax after a hard summer and get lost in literature.


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