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Designed with CleverComfort™, HSL’s range of chairs and sofas can help alleviate pain and discomfort in your joints, hips and back, as well as provide relief from some of the symptoms associated with poor circulation. HSL chairs and sofas are ergonomically designed to ensure key areas of your body are fully supported to improve your overall posture and wellbeing.


When you are seated correctly, there should be no build-up of pressure at the back of the legs. Pressure build up can lead to the development of “pins and needles” in your feet and if you have ever experienced this, you will know how awkward it is to stand and walk until circulation has returned to normal.

Sadly, some people can have this feeling as well as severe arthritis where your feet/knees/hips may be painful, or with a heart and circulatory problems that mean you already have poor sensation in your legs and feet. Often the result is a high risk of falls and the inevitable damage that can result from those.

Another way to help your circulation is by having a chair or sofa with an elevating foot rest. Integral foot rests that operate with the chair or sofa can assist with circulatory problems such as swollen ankles and feet, aching legs, as well as swollen and painful knees. The end of the foot rest should stop at the Achilles arch (back of the ankle) – allowing the ankle and foot to move freely. This will encourage movement, which is essential to aid circulation, and also reduce pressure from heels. Whilst the level of padding over the foot rest will be largely subject to individual preference, people with circulatory problems often have difficulty tolerating too much or too little padding. This will naturally form part of the 7-Point Seating Assessment™ that your Comfort Specialist will walk you through.

When it comes to adjustable beds, these can also be a great way of relieving circulatory problems.  Being able to adjust your bed to provide an optimal resting position, for example when reading or watching TV, will place less strain on the entire circulatory system, including the heart.

Adjustable beds may also make it possible to target specific problem areas, such as a knee, hip or ankle joint, allowing you to raise the position of the joint to a more therapeutic level. The “knee brake” position can also prevent you from sliding down the bed when sitting up and helps promote better circulation to the lower half of the legs.

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