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Coping With Loneliness This Christmas

How to deal with loneliness this Christmas

Christmas is often associated with a time filled with happiness and joy, where family & friends come together and celebrate as one. However for some, this feeling of togetherness that we take for granted is missing. For some individuals, the heightened festivities can create an overwhelming sense of loneliness, but there are ways to deal with these feelings.  Below are just a few!

Sunshine at Christmas time

Many people feel isolated at Christmas time and it can be a catalyst to remembering previous happy memories that may no longer be possible. Therefore if being at home is causing you discomfort & finances permit, take a trip to the sun. Popular destinations around this time include the Canaries, Malta, the Caribbean and virtually anywhere in the southern hemisphere.

Enjoy the tranquillity of solitude

Sometimes being alone at Christmas is unavoidable but this doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! You can plan a day for yourself without feeling even the slightest element of guilt. Indulge in your favourite foods, have a bubble bath, go for a long walk, enjoy a movie marathon. The list is endless! Christmas is most likely to be the one day of the year when you can do exactly what you want, when you want, so enjoy it.

Accept Invitations

You may have already turned down quite a few people that have offered for you to come round on Christmas day and one reason for your decline could be that you feel a burden on the hosts. The truth is, they wouldn’t have invited you to their house on such a memorable day if they didn’t want you to be there. It’s not too late to change your mind! Simply ring back up and accept the invitation.

The gift of giving

A sure fire way to make yourself happy is to make other people happy! Gift-giving is perhaps one of the biggest events now at Christmas and the act of giving is symbolic to sharing memories with that person. Whether it is a colleague, landlord, next door neighbour or a local shop owner, it doesn’t need to be expensive but it will make them feel great!

Volunteer for a charity

Volunteering not only gives you a great sense of achievement but is also a great way to avoid loneliness at Christmas. Many people at this time of the year are in worse circumstances than you and to help in an altruistic nature, can promote a real sense of well being.

You’re able to check online to see how you can help out on Christmas day or around the festive period to people who are perhaps less fortunate. It’s also giving back to the local community which is something personal to an individual, meaning you’ll have even greater satisfaction.

Being alone at Christmas may not be a choice but being lonely is. There are many activities that you can do that not only prevent you from being lonely but also promote a sense of wellbeing and self worth. Who knows, this Christmas could be your best one yet!

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