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How to Stay Safe This Winter

November is here!

Cinder toffee, fireworks, walks in the park kicking fallen leaves and cosy evenings by the fire with cocoa; there is so much fun to be had in the winter months. But now the clocks have gone back and the day light hours have got shorter, it’s important to stay safe and aware.

According to recent figures, it is suggested that petty crime is expected to rise now that we approach Bonfire night.

The combinations of darker evenings and noisy occasions can present potential criminals with more opportunities than in the lighter evenings. This means that homes and cars came be more of a target for break-ins.

With this in mind, we would like to offer a few tips to keep you safe and sound whilst you are out enjoying the festivities;

  • If you’re venturing out on Bonfire night then try to create the impression that someone is home by leaving a few lights on or a radio in the background.
  • Avoid telling people who know your address, such as a taxi driver, salesperson or delivery man that you have plans and are out the house on any night.
  • Don’t leave any valuable possessions in your car. If possessions are too large to carry with you then make sure they are concealed and not visible. Also ensure that if you have a Sat Nav then be sure to wipe the mark left on the windscreen and keep out of sight.
  • Try to avoid putting spare keys in obvious places such as a plant pot or under a doormat.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked! And use all the locks provided.
  • Put all cars and bikes in a garage if you own one.
  • If you’re friendly with a neighbour that is staying in on Bonfire night then get them to keep an eye on your house for you.
  • Try to have a visible security alarm (Burglars don’t want to be seen or heard and generally try to avoid conflict).

It is important to remember that this time of year should be fun and enjoyable, full of fun with family and friends. These tips can help making these fun evening stay fun!

Be safe and have fun this November.

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