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The Power of Posture: How You Can Become Self-confident!

In an age where there are more platforms than ever before to be scrutinised, it probably comes as no surprise that many of us lack the belief that is often needed to propel us forward in life. It’s not a coincidence that a lot of successful people seem to have self-belief and a certain confidence in themselves. But how can we all achieve these high feelings of self-esteem that evade so many of us? One way to do this is by improving your posture!

Self confidence in its most basic form is “a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgments”. It evokes feelings of positivity, assertiveness, composure and self-reliance. And there has actually been a Harvard study which suggests that people view those with better posture in a more favourable light. But exactly how is posture the key to this state of mind?

Power poses

Research from The University of Oregon reveals that powerful and persuasive people share not only similar mind-sets but similar hormone levels. More specifically, confident people have higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of cortisol. The great thing for those who are not so confident is that these hormones can be positively influenced thus leading to increased confidence! Simply putting both hands on your hips or raising both hands before an activity which usually makes you nervous will ensure you have greater self-confidence. These power stances have the ability to improve self-esteem.

Enhances mood

Another good reason for sitting up straight is that we are more likely to remember positive memories or think of something positive in general when in this upright position. Furthermore, sporting a good postural position also has a positive effect on energy levels which, in turn, improves our mood. Try sitting upright whenever you can and readjust when you feel yourself slumping.

Improves memory

Dr Erik Peper from San Francisco University discovered that posture has the ability to evoke positive or negative reactions. By sitting in an upright position, it can improve your memory in general. This is because maintaining this good position can increase blood-flow and oxygen to the brain by up to forty percent.

Ways to achieve new found confidence through enhanced posture

  1. Correct chair

The easiest thing to do to attain good posture is to invest a good quality chair that gives you the ability to support and adopt a good seating position. For example, a high back chair, riser recliner or comfort chair will all ensure that your lumbar region, neck and head are all supported. The wonderful thing about having a supportive chair is that a sufficient amount of rest should enable you to get out of your chair easily; also great for posture.

  1. Work on simple core muscles

We very rarely jump out of bed excited to do our daily exercises – and if you do, good well done you! What’s your secret? However, the benefits from improving posture is greatly improved with core muscle strength. Strengthening core muscles helps the support around the spinal area which in turn allows you to keep a good postural position for longer.

  1. Stand up

Great posture doesn’t just have to be confined to sitting down! It can also be achieved when standing up. This is why more and more businesses are providing stand up desks for their employees as it is making them more comfortable and more productive. It is also easier to achieve good posture when standing up than sitting down as it is a more natural position.

  1. Habit

People refer to humans as creatures of habit and in many cases this is true. Whether it is a bad habit like smoking or a good habit such as eating healthily, we all tend to follow certain routines. Therefore, when sitting, make sure that your bottom goes right to the back of the seat and that your legs are at a perfect right angle. This might seem unnatural at first but over time this will becomes easier as your muscles strengthen.

When people go on about the power of posture they often refer to the physical benefits that it can have on somebody. Rarely, do people express the mental advantages that come with adopting a good seating position. However, it is clear to see the psychological benefits that come with great posture and specifically how it can have an effect on self-confidence.

If you’d like to read more about how to start improving your posture, please read our in-depth article about it: Correct Back Posture Explained; How to Improve Bad Posture


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